About us
9903 Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Located in Beverly Hills California, our store front sits in the heart of the city on Santa Monica Blvd near Wilshire Blvd. (down the street from the 90210 high school).

Being in the center of the entertainment capital of the world, our customer base consists of many well known people that needed their ID's protected. We provide these individuals with discrete handling of their mail and respect for their privacy. Our business has grown over the years based on word of mouth referrals from these customers.

The business services we provide to our customers had to expand with the change in the economy. Corporate accounts that are looking for expense savings, come to us for packaging and shipping solutions. Individuals working from home, use our voice mail, paging, copies and faxing services.

You can go to your local Post Office and rent a mailbox and buy stamps. Are you willing to stand on that long line for stamps? Ever have to pick up a package at the post office without the green card or proper paper work? The post office is not known for their customer service. We don't have long lines, we offer stamps and many other products and services the post office doesn't and we do it with a smile. You can only be in this business for as long as we have if you provide exceptional customer service.

Hours of operation :
10.00 AM - 3.00 PM SATURDAY